Ketchup Vampires

The Ketchup Vampires is an animated series of 26 half hour episodes and two 90 minutes specials. It has been produced by anima 3 in Germany in the 90s. The animation of the first episodes was done in Hungary, the later episodes were animated by Hahn Shin in South Korea.

Lately many people have been inquiering about the series. To my knowledge the rights currently are with EM-TV. So please send all broadcast requests to them. If I should find out about a broadcast date or a DVD re-release, I will post it here.

Looks like Germany got lucky. There is a DVD release scheduled for January 2008. Here are the details: Renaissance Medien GmbH and here the link to

Here is the outline of the series:

Although the Ketchup Vampires are direct descendents of the feared Count Dracula, the Ketchup Vampires are a different, more friendly breed of vampires. But some of their relatives are still pretty bad. So put down all your pre-conceptions and get ready for the funniest, scariest, cast of characters, ever to come out of Transsilvania...

The good vampires are sort of.....vegetarian. They never touch anything stronger than tomato juice. The bad vampires are after... well, a more traditional meal.

And there's an intense battle for Count Dracula's legacy going on. If you've got the book, you've got the key to making as many blood-lusting vampires as you like. The problem for the bad vampires is that the Ketchup Vampires took off with the book a long time ago. Now the baddies want the legacy back and they'll stop at nothing to get it!

Dracula's Transsilvanian castle has turned into the home of the craziest group of villains ever. There is the Countessa Hilga, a shrieking witch of a vampire who rules her roost with an iron hand. Her partner in crime is Ricardo a slippery tuxedoed vampire who's looking out only for himself. Then there is Roquefort, the saw-off sidekick and sneak-thief; keep your hand on your wallet.

Things are much more peaceful and congenial at Rabenstein castle, home of the Ketchup Vampires. Professor von Rabenstein owns the place. He's given refuge to our family of three vampires who don't like blood. The father Maurice is an accomplished French chef. Margaret is the mom. And then there is young Pino who wants more than anything just to be a normal human boy. - The reason is Bella, the professor's beautiful granddaughter. Pino dreams of kissing her but his fangs just get in the way.

Soon an invasion begins: The worst kids in Transsilvania, wicked Huberta and pudgy Siegfried desend on castle Rabenstein posing as relatives who've come for a visit. But their real objective is to find Count Dracula's legacy!

The action heats up as the scheming Ricardo and a limousine full of blood hungry vampire students also move into castle Rabenstein to aid Huberta and Ziggy in search for the manuscript. Soon the ranting Hilga is there too. The stage is set for the final battle and it turns out to be a real food fight!

The time is ripe for this non-violent story about how good can triumph over the powers of darkness. Exceptional animation artistry, loveable and hateable characters and a winning story make the Ketchup Vampires destined to be a time honored fable of excitement and fun!

Ketchup Vampires Trailer